YHDC vs AccuCT vs Echun CTs

Very excited to have just found out about IoTaWatt. I am planning to buy one of these, but am interested if there are recommendations on good CTs to buy (interested in split-core or clamp-on). I see that several variants from AccuCT are offered as part of a bundle on the order page, but have also seen a good deal of YHDC CTs available elsewhere (looking at SCT-013-000, the one without the burden resistors built-in), and have seen Echun brought up in discussions here as well.
Are there some models which are recommended over others for better accuracy, reliability, or safety, or is this mostly a matter of buying whatever can be found at an affordable price?

All three brands are supported. I would not recommend any of the CTs rated < 50A.

Ok, thanks. So there aren’t any advantages or disadvantages as long as they are rated for enough current, and over 50A as a minimum (ie. if I can find some SCT-013-000, which are 100A, cheaper than the AccuCT 100A offered on the site, I might as well go for those?).

All things considered, my personal preference is AccuEnergy (0.5%), Echun (1%), then YHDC. They all give decent results. If you want a complete, impartial analysis, you might want to ask Consumer Reports to do one.

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I appreciate your opinion, thanks!