Zoom not working in Iotawatt graph

I recently noticed that the zoom function in the graphing menu is not working in my Iotawatt(s) when I use the local interface. At emoncms.org it does work (when graphing one or more feeds) like it also used to when working locally.

I tried both Mac (Firefox and Chrome) and Windows (Firefox).

Can someone help me out?

In the latest release, I changed the source of the software used to produce the plots from the emoncms site to a CDN (Content Delivery Network). The intent was to remove the dependency on the emoncms site, and at the same time improve graph load time because the CDN files are typically cached all over the place.

It looks as if the version of flot that is being used does not have support for the zoom. There is no documentation that I can find to indicate version in the emoncms site, so I have to figure this out.

In the meantime, if you want to replace your graph.htm file with this file that reverts to using the emoncms site, you will hav ethe zoom back until I can work this out and get the fix into a new release. graph.htm (15.0 KB)

Thanks for the quick reply, Bob! I will try your workaround.

You are the second person to report this.

You may not believe it, but I had never used this feature. I had to load a back release and try it to see. Very handy feature. You can bet I’ll get it working again.

That module is open-source and written by Trystan Lea at OEM. He’s very good with JQuery (and much more), and I know practically nothing about JQuery. I modified the javascript extensively to interface to the IoTaWatt APIs and to be more asynchronous, but the flot functions are still a black box to me.

So the silver lining here is that I now know that graph can zoom very nicely. The latest OEM version uses a datepicker for the start and end time fields below the graph. It would be great to move that to this fork, or better yet to add a period selection box a-la grafana.

It would be great if someone wanted to contribute something like that.

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