Automatic firmware update and now my IotaWatt is dead

Hi All,

Noticed my new IotaWatt went offline at 11:57am today. Rebooted it, nothing. Then I checked the status light and it is GREEN-RED-RED which is a failed SD card or slot. SD is fine, so according to their own troubleshooting the device is now faulty.

HOWEVER, the iotamsgs.txt file has a final message of:
12/07/22 11:56:43 Updater: Firmware updated, restarting.

Surely this is not a coincidence. Did a new firmware just kill my new IotaWatt? I have had it less than 2 weeks! I configured it when it arrived, then it sat on my desk until it was installed in a new house install only 2 days ago! Now it’s dead :frowning:

This issue was discovered last night. I don’t know yet what the problem is. Will be working on it today.

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One of my IotaWatts hit this last night as well – let me know if you’d like me to try anything. I tried reformatting the SD card and copying the files back over to it – the 02_08_00 and DOWNLOAD directories couldn’t be copied, maybe due to corruption?

Happy to help debug/try out builds/etc. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

If you have another SDcard, it would be helpful to know if that works OK.

Can you tell me when you got this unit? i.e. is it new? There is a sticker on the back of the PCB, if you have it opened, can you provide the two numbers on the top line please?

I copied my files to a Samsung 64GB Evo (MB-ME64HA is the model, I believe) and it seems to work fine. It booted back up and is measuring voltage now.

The numbers on the top line:
2239 S06283

I just received this a few days ago, so I’m assuming it’s pretty new.

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FYI, I’ve just bought a 5 pack of some Samsung 32GB SD cards to serve as dedicated replacements for my IotaWatts – if they work, I’ll reply here and let you know what model.

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All sorted. Copied old contents to new SD card and all is fine. Thanks.

Just following up, looks like this pack: works okay. One thing that’s odd is that my IotaWatt that had updated is still reporting 02_07_05 as its firmware version – I suspected to see it running 02_08_00.

Just about any FAT32 card should work.

I reset auto-update MINOR to 02_07_05 to stop anyone else from updating. I’ve removed that release from the website for now. If you want to install it, set your auto-update to none and follow the instructions for manual update. You should already have the release file on your old card in the download directory.

Looks like I got hit by this as well. Device stopped responding a couple of days ago, went to look at it. Red Green Green. Took apart, grabbed the SD. It’s ok, but copied all the files to a new larger SD.

12/07/22 06:59:09 Updater: Update from 02_07_05 to 02_08_00
12/07/22 06:59:09 Updater: download 02_08_00
12/07/22 06:59:23 Updater: Release downloaded 13949ms, size 968904
12/07/22 06:59:39 Updater: signature verified
12/07/22 06:59:48 Updater: firmware upgraded to version 02_08_00
12/07/22 06:59:48 Updater: Firmware updated, restarting.

And now it’s dull red, even with new SD. Plugged into computer, trying to see if the serial port is putting anything out, nothing. Reset device, I see the ESP flash blue for a millisecond, but nothing else, and no output on the console.

Recent device 2239 S05417.

Suggestions on how to recover this?

I have had my device since about July and it has never failed - 2 days ago it shutdown and I got the GRR LED warning when I rebooted several hours later after realising it was down.

It has now downgraded to the previous firmware and is working fine - just thought I’d mention it as you’d suggested it was only recent devices impacted. If you want device ID / SD Card type I can open it up and get them.


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