Remote mounting IoTaWatt from electric panel

I’m considering mounting my IoTaWatt about 50 ft from my electric panel. My electric panel is located at the back of the garage at the back of the house. I’ve seen that others have used CAT 5 cable between the CTs and the IoTaWatt. Is there a wiring limit distance between the CTs and the IoTaWatt?

I’m familiar with running cables in Oil Refineries where we used twisted / shielded pairs in muli-core cables for the 4 to 20 ma DC analogue control signals. Do the twisted pairs from the CTs need to be shielded?

All the electric cables go from the panel thru the garage attic, thru a breezeway into the house. How close can the CT extension cables be run parallel to 120 / 240 VAC house wiring? The wiring is not in conduit, just bare “ROMEX” cable… The 220 VAC cables provide power to AC compressor, OVEN, the close dryer, etc.

Should I use EMT to shield the four (4) CAT 5 extension cables as they pass parallel with the 120/240 cables? It is basically a straight run so it would be easy to implement.


Why do that ? Why wouldn’t you just connect to your wifi and leave the IOTAWATT out near the panel ?

If WIFI is weak out there it would be cheaper/easier to buy a cheap router/WIFI AP and connect it over a premade ethernet cable to extend your WIFI out to the garage.

I use these units around the outside of the house to extend/create my IOT network

Dirt cheap and a breeze to setup

Buy a cheap 25 metre CAT 6 premade cable and away you go


With long extensions, my advice is always to try it and see. EMT can’t hurt, but might work without.

As. @craigcurtin suggests, makes more sense to run a single CAT6 to the garage and install a cheap AP. Ethernet uses transformers at each end to effectively cancel any noise picked up by the twisted pair, much like balanced line microphones eliminate hum.

Thanks for the quick response and recommendations. Extending the wifi is probably the easiest. Is 300Mbps sufficient for the IoTaWatt?

IoTaWatt doesn’t need much. I doubt you could be too slow.

Yep more than enough - my IOTAWATT ambles along at about 10Kbs (and thats pumping out to EMONCMS) and querying it every 10 seconds with the API

Those little Mango routers are great (i have 6 of them) - just load the latest OpenWRT firmware on them when you get them and you are set