Remove/replace SDcard

Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove the microSD card. You may need to replace it or look at the message log if the device isn’t working, or maybe you want to back up the datalogs. For whatever reason, it’s best to be careful as the type of holder and position makes it easy to damage during removal.

  1. Power down the IoTaWatt by removing the USB power plug and AC reference plug.

  2. If mounted to a wall, remove the mounting screws.

  3. Remove the four Philips head screws in the back.

  4. Remove the cover by carefully.

  5. At this point the PCB can be lifted from the base.

  6. Do not try to remove the card by pushing with your nail. That will exert a downward force and possibly crack the card. Instead, try to pull it straight out carefully. I use needle nosed pliers being careful to pull straight out.

  7. Reinsertion is easier. Just push the card straight in.

  8. Reassemble the unit in the reverse order of removal.

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